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Writings about golf

The best and easiest way to hit a draw is so simple that you’ll laugh your pants off 😂😂😂

To be able to hit a draw we have to make sure that the club is delivered to the ball inside the target line while the clubface is pointing to the target at impact. The easiest way to create a draw is really simple, but mastering it takes a lot of practice.

You should start to experiment with this on the range to get the feel for it first. To begin, you should aim your clubface towards the target as usual. Before aiming the clubface you should have some estimate of how much you need to curve the ball since you need the estimate next.
Now you adjust you’re aiming to the right amount that you estimated that the ball needs to be curved.

While turning your stance to the right, make sure that your clubface stays aimed towards the target!!

And that’s it!

Now you just have to make sure to swing along your feet to the right of the target and keep the clubface towards the target and trust that the sidespin will draw the ball back.

Hitting a fade is as easy as hitting the draw - only aiming needs to be to the left.

The easiest way to hit a fade is to hit it exactly like the draw, but with opposite aiming. To create a fade we need the clubface to be open to the swing path and to compensate for that we’ll aim a bit left of the target.

How to hit a fade
•Align clubface to the target
•Align feet slightly to the left of the target
•Swing along your feet and let the spin do its job fading the ball.

Obviously the more you aim left the more the ball will fade and vice versa. There is no need to alter your swing or anything other than your alignment with the feet – whether you need a draw or a fade.


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