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All indoor lessons are held in the Planmeca Golf Areena in Helsinki, Finland.

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Writings about golf

For a couple of reasons.


First, the look fits your eye.

You have to like and trust the club that your hitting for you to truly believe in the shot that you’re playing.


Then there are the technical attributes of the putter that must match your putting stroke.



As illustrated in the picture, putter heads have different shapes and sizes, and you should select one that you feel comfortable playing with.


Other, often overlooked technical point is the amount of toe hang. Toe hang varies depending on the design and weighting of the putter head. The Odyssey on this picture is the model with least amount of toe hang and the Scotty Cameron is the one with the most. In general, a player with straight putting motion will have better results with very little toe hang. On the other hand, a player who’s putter travels on an arc will have more success with a putter that has more toe hang.


Naturally you must factor in the perfect length, lie, loft and other variables for your putter, but the toe hang aspect is usually overlooked.

Experience has taught us that usually the putter with optimal amount of toe hang is usually the players “natural” choice when fitting a putter.


So there is no magic in it why some putters feel better than the other, just measurable data and knowledge to utilize that data to help the players understand the game better.


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