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The bounce number on your wedge can raise a lot of questions – what bounce is most suitable for me; how does that effect my shots and what does the bounce mean?


In short, the bounce is perfectly described by Bob Vokey:


“Wedge bounce is the angle created between the leading edge and the lowest point of the sole or trailing edge. This is the area of the club that hits through the ground as it contacts the ball. The greater the wedge bounce degree, the higher the leading edge is off the surface at address.”


Playing your wedge shots with suitable bounce to your swing and turf conditions is important to create good strikes consistently. The larger the bounce, the more the leading edge of the club lies above the ground – and vice versa.


If smaller bounce brings the leading edge closer to the ground shouldn’t we all play with minimal bounce?


Well, no.


The legendary wedge designer Bob Vokey once told that the bounce is the greatest ally that players can have on the course by delivering more forgiveness and help to wedge shots.


How do I know what kind of bounce helps me the most?


In general, bounces are categorized to low-, mid- and high, in relation to the steepness of the angle that they create.


If a wedge has less than 6-degrees of bounce, they are labelled as a low bounce wedge. These types of wedges are most suitable for hard surfaces. Other suitable places to use these are bunkers with coarse sand or sand that is above average in firmness. Usually, players with sweeping swing prefer playing these low bounce wedges. One way to recognize a sweeper is their divots, they are very small or non-existent due to the shallow angle of attack.


Mid bounce is somewhere between 7 to 10-degrees and since it is in the middle, it is the most versatile of the three general categories. You can use these wedges from hard surfaces to softer ones, only the most extremes on both ends to be ruled out. These types of wedges are popular among playing professionals because these offer numerous different types of shots and trajectories to be played. Tests have showed that players can control the distance and trajectories better with mid bounce wedges – based on their own findings and observations. Mid bounce, as the labelling gives out, are suitable for majority of players and swing types. Best results are achieved with neutral swing and average angle of attack.


When the bounce is above 10-degrees, then we are talking about high bounce wedges. Naturally, if the low bounce wedge is suitable for firm conditions and sweeping swing – these are their exact opposites. High bounce wedges work best from soft turf conditions and soft bunkers. The higher bounce reduces the club’s tendency to dig into the softer surface and therefore it gives more leeway and margin for error on these kinds of surfaces for better ball striking. Recommended swing type for high bounce wedge is the digger. Digger usually takes a good chunk of the turf after the ball because of the steep angle of attack.


Like most of the equipment issues in golf, there is no absolute truth on selecting a perfect bounce for you. You should acknowledge this discussed here, but you should not make your decision solely based on those categorizations alone. More defining thing when selecting your new wedges are your shot selection and your way to use wedges in different situations. Visit your local pro or your trusted equipment specialist to determine what kind of wedges suit your game.


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